Pen and Ink Drawings

This collection of drawings lay bare one of the core aspects of my creative process. The mind, hand, surface connection is essential to how I create my vision, no matter how that idea changes in process down the line.  In the past I kept my b & w sketch work in small, black book journals. These were my private reserve cache and were only occasionally shared with a special few. I am now drawing directly on 8" x 10" pages which allow me to quickly scan them and share my journal here. I work the image freely allowing it to evolve from what I may have in mind when I start. I find putting line to page is a way to meditate on a topic or idea. This collection has no edits, no erasing, the drawing is exactly as its put down on the page directly in pen and ink. This openness is a gesture to my audience, that is you dear viewer. I am working to reach a new level of trust between us, no longer hiding away my treasure chest. Its worth noting there is an emotional risk involved with putting your hidden bits out there for all to examine. It is my only wish you take this to heart.

B & W prints & color originals (below) or commissioned works of art are available.


Playing with Matches Illustrations

Hey Kids! Don't play with matches. You are going to burn your hearts out...

"Somebunny" Hide & Seek Cards

Request a "Somebunny" card HERE

Illustration and Posters

Selections from commissioned pieces and poster artwork.

Color Graphic Illustrations

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